Sunday, August 16, 2009

Contemporary Native American News is a website with links to tribal news and entertainment that is affecting Indian Country.Many of the articles may not be picked up by other new service.

Since I live in Billings, MT I was very surprised that Great Falls Tribune had carried a story about 15 cases of Swine Flu hitting the Fort Belknap Reservation here in Montana,and I didn't know about it until I read about it at It makes me thankful for other ways to keep connected and informed.

Indian Country Today is also a Native owned newspaper. It is a great source for current contemporary news that affects tribes. It is another great resource.

The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) blog talks about the museum and its collections. It is a great tool for looking at how issues affect Indigenous People as well as informing non-native visitors about the history and culture of American Tribes.

Another source for contemporary native news is Native American Times. A recent article is about "Company Develops Native Language APS for IPOD
BANNING, Calif. - Cherokee-owned Thornton Media has created software, free to tribal clients, that allows them for the first time to program their indigenous language onto Nintendo DSi handheld consoles. The software, called "Language Pal" can program audio recordings in multiple dialects from multiple speakers. It allows the ability to program electronic flashcards, archived recordings, multiple-choice games, and tens of thousands of audio files with search able database for use on the Nintendo DSi. Thornton Media's Language Pal software is not an official Nintendo title, but 'homebrew' software created by an Authorized Nintendo Developer. Thornton Media has begun the process of becoming a licensed Nintendo developer. Read rest of article.

This is just a small collection of sites that deal with contemporary issues.

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