Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tools for A Learning Community

I have recently learned about some terrific websites and tools in a teachers workshop that I'm taking. I would like to share several of these cool websites for the classroom.

The Random Name Generator can be found at You can use the generator to put your class list in and use for different activities, another use would be to use it to develop vocabulary games. The vocabulary application looks like a lot of fun.

Click here for full screen version

The Voki website also has some fun applications. It allows you to create an individual speaking avatar. You can use it at the start of class for directions, students can use it to talk about characters in a story. I recently read about one family using it with their young students to send thank you notes.

I want to use the Vokis to explain the Dewey Decimal System. I plan to design 10 characters that represent the ten Dewey classes and have them available on a webpage. I think there will be many applications in the classroom - parts of speech, math and science concepts. Static information you want the students to listen to or maybe retell.

Get a Voki now!

I've also played a little with comic strips. In class my partner and I developed a comic strip that was about healthy concepts. Students could also work on making a comic strip to explain a concept they are studying.

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