Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What is a Windowfarm?

Picture by Julia Makarova

I was reading the blog from a Moderate Life and saw a blog list and one name was Window Farms.  I was intrigued and  went to check it out.  It was really cool.   People were using recycled Nestle's water bottles to grow plants in windows with hydroponics.

My first thought was looks like more skill than I have.  Then I saw they have kits available for those of us who are mechanically challenged.  As I read further you can join the group and get instructions and support for free.  They are part of the Creative Commons licensing agreement.  The community is very dedicated to encouraging people to grow their own food.

My second thought was - what a good classroom project.  Everything from reading using nonfiction to watching the life cycle.  Keeping a writers/nature journal, measuring plant growth, the list is endless.  The best part would be eating your own home grown salad.

On the website there are a number of videos that explain different aspects of their project.  Go check them out.  I'm thinking maybe there is a window farm in my future.  What about you?


  1. It's such a simple but superb idea. Imagine a school or neighbourhood full of them!

  2. I am so excited at the possibilities. I hope lots of people start window farming.

  3. I have been a window farmer for years; this year I have taken the step to grow outside, I started small but I actually have veggies growing!
    When you get the chance please stop by my blog; I have an award for you!