Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diabetes Education in Tribal Schools Program

Joni Ackerman is the project director for the Diabetes Education In Tribal Schools. The project is offering "Health is Life in Balance" a K-12 curriculum for educators (anywhere in the US). The curriculum is inquiry based with a science and health theme; it includes a cultural, career, and physical activities component and is fully aligned with national standards. This educational resource is free.

Two of the "Health is Life in Balance" frequently asked questions are:
1. Why is a K-12 DETS curriculum needed?
Diabetes is almost three times more common in the American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) population than in the general population. Once considered an adult disease, type 2 diabetes is increasing in young people in all U.S. populations. Many people are unaware that the onset of diabetes can often be prevented or delayed. The DETS curriculum intends to change perceptions, knowledge, and attitudes about diabetes through classroom learning experiences that will empower AI/AN students to adopt healthier lifestyles.

6. What are the goals of the DETS K-12 curriculum?
the curriculum incorporates inquiry-based learning that will enhance students' science process skills. Lessons encourage students to become researchers. Investigative inquiry (observing, measuring, predicting, inferring, classifying, experimenting, communicating, etc.) allows students to emulate the work of real life researchers. The discoveries of diagnosis, treatment, control, and prevention of diabetes increase student understanding and appreciation for direct and indirect effects of scientific research within a cultural framework.

Diabetes is an epidemic in the United States. Lets become part of the solution and educate ourselves and our children to choose health.

Remember the curriculum and Eagle Books are free and so is the shipping.


The curriculum is also available from the Indian Health Service online catalog

Information on ordering the Eagle Books

NIH website about the curriculum and an overview of the units for each grade level

Viewable Downloadable K-12 Curriculum and Copy Masters

Joni Ackerman (406) 768-3024 or online

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