Thursday, October 15, 2009

IEFA Resources & Tools - MEA Conference


For this session I would like you to look at 3 things before exploring the blog and links on your own. You will notice within the blog highlighted words like: Native Child. If you click on an anchor word (the highlighted words) the hidden link will take you to more information or a specific article.

1. Choose at least one link from the sidebar to look at. Most connect to Indian Education for All (Background information, perspectives by tribal members, authentic resources.) Others are good educational and historical resources.

2. Choose one of the following blog entries Columbus Was Lost or Thanksgiving 1621 .

3. Conversations-with-print wiki. At this site you will find lesson plans and book lists.

Another area you might want to consider are the ads. Using your knowledge how are the products marketed? Who are they marketed towards? Are any of them tribally connected? If not do any of the profits go to tribal programs? The ads change regularly and are actual ads through adsense.

I hope that you will return to this site and find information that will benefit you and your class.

Thanks for coming.

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