Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some More New Tools

While searching on the web for some tools for my classroom I found some real treasures for both tools, blogs and websites. They are all great reads filled with information to stimulate the creativeness of all the awesome readers out there.

One of the blogs I came across is Choosy Homeschooler. At her site I learned about Web Poster Wizard You can build a page with links and images for a class project or assignment. Lots of flexibility. The one I built is Teacher Tools all the links are live.

Alexander Street Press is Show casing their collection of resources in honor of Women's History for the month of March. Usually access to their resources is by subscription only.

The American Indian Education site maintains a phenomenal hotlist of links to resources.

Integrating Technology in the Classroom focuses on tools and technology. Another site with lots of educational games is ABCreative Teacher Resources I really liked the game Ghost Blaster.

One of my favorite blogs is Two Writing Teachers They challenged everybody to write a slice of life, each day for the month of March. What an amazing challenge. I am working on meeting that challenge by writing about my life with our dogs at One of the challenges they extended was using the slice of life writing in the classroom. As luck would have it Upstart is featuring bookmarks called My Life. My story. They also have a free activity guide to download.


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning the ChoosyHomeschooler blog in your blog post. We hope you'll find lots of tools and information to use with your students.

    I'd also like to invite you to visit our sister site, It has an amazing number of K-5+ online resources, organized into more than 900 FREE weekly topic units. We'd love for you to take a look and let us know what you think!

    ~ Jennifer K Gray
    Lesson Pathways Team Member

  2. Thank you for the invitation. I found lots of good things on the sites.