Sunday, March 28, 2010

Technology Blogs That Deliver

Kelly Tenkely writes two blogs that I am really enjoying the first is ilearntechnology and her second one is Stories of Learning. Both blogs are about sharing information and ideas with the education world at large. The first deals with technology and tools that are out there and how they can be integrated into the classroom. The second blog is about successes in the classroom. Things teachers are doing in the classroom that is working.

ilearntechnology won one of the edublog of the year in 2009. It is a very rich site. I found Fotobabble on the ilearntechnology site. Fotobabble lets you connect an audio recording to a picture and then embed it into your blog or page. What a cool concept.

Integrating it into the classroom - vocabulary (pronunciation); word walls; character development; setting; story starters; science and math concepts. I can also imagine an online scrapbook of classroom activities to share with their parents.

The 2nd blog Stories of Learning is meant to inspire teachers to try new things and find new ways to integrate technology into the classroom. One of the stories I read was from a teacher who was using to "Kill a Mockingbird" in the classroom. She had her students take the characters and built a facebook page. The students made comments as if they were the characters, they also used twitter for comments from the characters. Puts a different spin on reading a classic.

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