Thursday, January 27, 2011

Google Search Stories Video Creator

Storytelling has been around probably as long as man.  In our digital world we are finding new ways to connect and tell our stories.  Google ran an ad during Super Bowl 2010, people loved it.  So Google developed a video creation tool for people to make their own 60 second Google Search Story.

You start by choosing a topic and developing 6 search terms.  After typing in the terms strand, there is a drop down box under “using”.  Here you choose: web search, images, map, news, blog search, product search, book.  Google will then focus on that specific type of information to search for.  After you have made your choices for search strands you choose the music. 


The Google Search Story video creator is a great tool for collecting searches and using them to tell a story with music.  I chose to tell the story of Sword Park Restoration Project in Billings, MT.  This is a community project supported by the Billings Chamber of Commerce, Bike Net and other community partners.  They have submitted this proposal and are trying to win the Pepsi Refresh Challenge.

To support this proposal you can vote daily at the Pepsi Refresh Challenge site. The winning entry will be decided based on popularity.  This is a great project that helps connect our youth with our colorful history.  You can sign up for daily reminders to vote by going to 

Join us in taking the Pepsi Refresh Challenge and vote for Sword Park for Kids.

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