Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is There An App for That?

At lunch I would sometimes hear some of the younger teachers talking about "Apps" that they had downloaded.  Followed closely by an exclamation, "They have an App for that?"

I had gathered from the context that an App was some kind of link to great tools, a type of button.  At the time though I didn't have a fancy cell phone, I didn't have a Mac or an IPad or even an IPod.  So the conversations ebbed and flowed around me.  

Now rewind to October 1, 2010.  One of my favorite health food stores - Mary's Health Food called to let me know that my name had been drawn and I was now the proud owner of an IPAD. Yeah!!!  What a learning curve.  I love the devise and new worlds are opening up every day.

My library until November had one computer the one I used to check out books with.  It caused problems when kids wanted to search the electronic catalog for books as I was checking out books to other students.  Well that became a thing of the past when I realized here was a 2nd computer available.  You guessed it, my IPAD.  The kids were in awe their dinosaur of a librarian had an IPad. What could be more amazing than that?

I have found some wonderful sources for Apps.  Today I will focus on some educational Apps you might want to check out.  Apptivities blogs about educational apps that are available and how to use them in the classroom.  One idea that I learned about on their site was Social Learning with Digital Trading Cards using Bump and Comic Touch.  

Google is a great resource for educators.  Check out the Google Apps Education Training Center there are lots of ideas for using apps in the classroom.

I love Kelly Tenkely's blog ilearntechnology fabulous resource.  She also writes iPad Curriculum,  she reviews apps and how they can be of educational significance.  I just read about tales2go promo and I'm going to go register our school.

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