Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Poetry

A great seasonal book with poetry and rhymes is Halloween Hoots and Howls by Joan Horton.  My students laughed at the play on words.  the illustrations are colorful and playful.  Writingfix is sponsoring a Halloween poetry writing contest.  It closes Oct 21, 2010.

You can also find Karen Mcgee's lesson for Halloween Hoots and Howls at Writingfix.  I used her Halloween word bank as a starting place and then added other seasonal words. In th book there are several poems - that are great to share with students who cannot participate in holiday activities.  I love the "Spider on the Ceiling".  I then had the students fill out the Noun, Adjective, Verb chart in th lesson.  I loved this lesson because it tied into what my 5th graders were learning in their classroom about parts of speech.

I used the ETTC (Educational Technology Training Center) poem templates to experiment with writing poetry.  I only have one computer in my classroom so I put the poem template for "Noun + Adjective + Phrase = Poem".  You can find it by name listed on the left side of the screen.  I had my students to use the word bank and charts that they had made to write their poems.  It makes for a great introduction.

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