Saturday, October 2, 2010

Those Sparkling Memories

I have been working on a great part of my job choosing and ordering new books.  This last week some of those orders arrived.  Each time I open a box of books it is a treasure hunt.  Oh I need to share this book with so and so.  Last year I wrote two grants to buy fiction and nonfiction mentor books that will be added to our school collection.

One of the first books I shared with my students was "Canoe Days by Gary Paulsen (1999).  The illustrations Ruth Wright Paulsen add depth to the wonderful prose.  The pictures portray the vivid descriptions. Great example of taking a memorable day and melding it with exquisite words.  

Before reading this book aloud - I selected approximately 20 words from the selection and broke them into 4 groups.  I wrote the groups on the board and had my 4th & 5th graders use them for an alphabetizing activity.  Once I started reading the story I could see the students' eyes light up as they made the connection to the vocabulary on the board and the selection I was reading.

All in all it is a great book to model for word choice and memories.  It can also be used as a "boys" book - I heard the "ahs" when I read the author's name.

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  1. I love the alphabetizing activity, what a great way to pique students interest and then make a connection to reading.