Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hooking Kids on Literature

James Prosek is a fabulous water-colorist.  He has written and illustrated several books about fish for adults.  His picture book "A Good Day's Fishing" is exquisite.  The image on this post is from the book.

The writing is a great hook for kids who love the outdoors.  It provides a great model for their own writing.  Prosek takes a nonfiction subject and turns it
into a memorable picture book.

"Hooked On Fishing—Not On Drugs" is a unique, nationally accepted drug prevention program offered through the American Sportfishing Association's Future Fisherman Foundation. It is presented by certified instructors at the local level with lessons that are geared towards students in grades K-12 and is correlated with MT Core Curriculum Content Standards."

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks sponsors the Montana Hooked on Fishing program.  This program is a way to provide students with alternatives to drugs - by becoming fisherman.  The national program has been very successful.  MT Fish Wildlife and Parks have several posters of native fish available for classrooms that would connect beautifully with this book.

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  1. The illustrations just add to the story. My favorite picture is the dragonfly on the boy's cap brim.