Thursday, June 24, 2010

History in Haiku - Stories in Six

I found this idea when I was browsing Associated Content.  People submitted Haiku's about historical events.  They were featured as "Daily series using haiku poetry to recount history."  How does this translate into classroom applications?  How about starting class with a daily haiku about what the students are studying.  As they progress have the students write the haiku's.

This will help them on many levels.  It's higher level thinking.  They must take a large piece of information and condense and make it into a fun summary. They would even work as exit tickets.  I'm excited by the possibilities.

Last year I heard about Six Word Memoirs in the National Writing Project that I attended.  It is both fun and challenging to write a story in six words, it is somewhat easier to write a summary in six words.  It definitely gets your brain working.  They make great titles and fun writing prompts.

Some of my favorites.  Six Word Memoirs "Not quite what I was planning."  "Written by famous and obscure writers."

They have now morphed into Six Word Stories.  In fact there are numerous websites that feature them as well as books that have collected them.  Here are some links to some sites that feature them:  NPRCatrina NetSmith Magazine; Marginal Revolution;  "Read Twitters Six Word Stories."


  1. What an interesting way to start the students' day!

    I struggle with Haiku, although I recently submitted my effort to the Purple Haiku Contest at Associated Content:

  2. I submitted a Haiku to the contest, also.

  3. This is Alyssa from SMITH Mag, and I just wanted to thank you for the mention!

    Children write some really great six-word memoirs. (One of my editors recently featured some on our site blog: If you or any of the teachers at your school compile student memoirs, you should think about sharing them on our website!

    Alyssa, SMITH Intern

  4. Alyssa,

    What a great idea. Thanks for the invitation. I will add that to my plan book.