Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Give Books - Online Reading

I was reading a post from Two Writing Teachers about a new program for children called We Give Books. Any child with internet access can read books online free. Each book they complete allows the program to donate a physical book to another charity. This really looks good. I hope you have a young person you can share this with.
I really like how We Give Books makes some suggestions about talking with children about their role in the giving process.
"One of the aims of We Give Books is to encourage the conversations with your child that will better ensure he or she becomes a life-long giver. As you consider the non-profit organizations from which you can choose, take time to talk through the goals of each charity and your reasons for selecting the one you do. 
As long as you’re a member, you can support as many campaigns as you like. We Give Books even keeps track of the books you’ve donated to each campaign fo you."
They have a large online library for people to choose from.  The books can be read more than once.  I would really encourage you to check out the blog Two Writing Teachers.  They share lots of reading Writing Connections.

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