Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Starbright World: A Social Network for Seriously Ill Teens

I learned about this site for teens at Teresa's Blog  Too Many Heartbeats.  Both she and her daughter suffer from dysautonomia an autoimmune disease.  She was talking about how much Starbright World had helped her daughter.  It is a site for teens and it is monitored to keep it safe.  When I was reading the list of illnesses I was overwhelmed.  I had never thought about how many kids are fighting so many life threatening diseases.

I also realized that this site not only allows teens to interact with other teens but it gives them a safe place to talk about being sick to people who really understand. The social network is for kids 13-20 who are ill and their siblings.  I was really impressed that they allow siblings.  Being a sib when someone you love is sick can be really scary.

There is also a Starlight Children's Foundation Blog that showcases what the foundation is doing.  Check it out I know we have students at my school who would benefit from this site.  Help spread the word.


  1. What an outstanding idea! I myself have an autoimmune disease (have had it since I was 9) and it can be scary and embarrassing feeling like you are the only one. It is good to have a network of others who can sympathize and empathize through the good days and the bad.

  2. I grew up with allergies and asthma, and felt isolated because of it. It was nothing in comparison to what most of these kids are going through. I really hope we can spread the word so more kids can have this awesome place to just be kids.