Tuesday, June 15, 2010

EFL Classroom 2.0

One of my favorite Nings is EFL Classroom 2.0  It is designed for English Teacher's and Learner's.  I enjoy it because it sparks so many ideas.  I discovered this site when I was looking for review games to use in my classroom.  I discovered BAAM games, they are power point games.  I took the templates and used my own questions and answers.  My kids love the game.

I am also a big fan of random generators.  David Deubel created the EFL Classroom 2.0 Ning Network.  He is an incredible creative educator.  Recently he created a random blog generator.  He has put over 100 blogs into the generator.  Each time you click on the generator you read a new blog. Try it out.

Random ELT Blog


  1. I haven't come across this Ning. You are right, fantastic ideas and resources shared here. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us!

  2. I also love their tools for teacher's . Lots of treasure easily adapted to other classes. It has also given me new insight into teaching another language.

  3. I'm at EFL Ning too. I'll look out for you there!