Sunday, June 6, 2010

Walk Down Memory Lane

When I first started teaching (in the last century) I bought Oregon Trail (Apple IIe).   Later getting some other games that were developed to run on Apple GS.  My very favorite at that time was the MECC Word Muncher game.  My students loved the games back then. (Many of you might remember playing them as students).

Well imagine my delight when I was reading some posts on ilearntechnology and she talked about the original simulation game Oregon Trail.  You have to remember that by today's standards the  graphics and interactivity are very basic.  As I was busy remembering my first love affair with technology, I wondered how I might use it in today's classroom with video sophisticated students?  The original post had a wonderful suggestion - use it to introduce the history of technology and how things have changed.

Compare the modern game of Oregon Trail to the original.  The Virtual Apple site has all those old games on it, adapted so today's users can play on line.  Hip Hip Hoo-Rey!  I think i'll go play a few rounds of Word Muncher.

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